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Celebrating Pentecost!

In this time of lockdown, when we can't easily get to Mass, it is easy to feel alone. After all, our weekly routines — from work to shopping to seeing family and friends — have all vanished thanks to COVID-19.

For the Sisters, it has been a curious time, in which we have returned to the separation from the world many of us knew when we first joined.

But we also miss the much-loved members of our parish, and we think often of our extended family beyond the Carmel walls.

Our sense of a spiritual community makes Pentecost this year something truly worth celebrating. There, the Disciples were gathered together, when God came to them and they were filled with the Holy Spirit. While we are required to remain apart, we can still welcome the Holy Spirit into our lives, and celebrate Pentecost as a community in faith that will hopefully meet again soon.