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17th December:

The Brass Quartet

Today Mr. Bill Giles brought his brass quartet to give us a concert. Thanks to the generosity of the musicians, this has become a Christmas fixture, and we thought that today's concert was their best. Mr. Giles chooses the music, and composes many of the arrangements himself. This video is of his arrangement of 'En Natus est Emmanuel', by Michael Praetorius. 

16th December:

The Children's Choir

Today some of the children of St. Marie's Primary school came and sang carols for us. We enjoyed listening to them singing 'Silent Night' among others.


At the end of the concert, the children gave us little bags of gifts, some of which they had made themselves, one for each sister, and we gave each of them a little bag of gifts.

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4th December, 2021
Sister Jane's birthday!

Today we celebrated our dear Sister Jane's 85th birthday! Sr. Jane entered Carmel when she was 27, and as you can see from her smile, she is still very happy in her vocation! So many things could be said about her eventful life, but now we will just mention that in Carmel she discovered a talent as an artist, and still enjoys painting. Below are some of her pictures.


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